Winter Wonderland Hyde Park

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. London has been famous for its various tourist attractions that can make us amazed. Vacationing and spending holiday time in this wonderful city of England will not make you feel any regret. Almost all kinds of nice places like department stores, restaurants, and stunning parks are easy to find in London. That is why London is on the top list of destinations where people come and enjoy their holiday.


Winter Wonderland Hyde Park is undoubtedly one of well known tourist destinations when they spend their holiday visiting London. Located in such an ideal location, Winter Wonderland opens November 23rd until January 6th from 10am until 10pm. There are various wonderful attractions available for you. In addition, it’s free to enter! Yet, if you want to ride the rides or experience any other attractions, you have to pay for the ticket.


Located close to many interesting sites such as hotels, restaurants, and shops, makes Winter Wonderland even more famous. Though there are a number of amazing features there, its ice rink named Ice Age 4 Ice Rink might be the most popular one. This ice rink is claimed as the largest ice rink in England. That’s why this ice rink becomes so popular among the visitors. Even though tickets for all attractions are available on the spot, but if you are planning on experiencing skating on its ice rink, it would be better if you purchase the ticket in advance. It’s important to avoid the long waiting list; it’s so famous, indeed.


Not only ice rink which is famous in Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, but its wonderful rides is also very well known there. You will be able to come into contact with various rides which maybe you have never met before in any other places. For you who are keen on riding some thrilling rides, here for you: Favorites Air, Power Tower and the Winter Wonderland Express are waiting for you! If those are not enough for you, there is still the Winter Wonderland Star Flyer which will make you spinning in the air and definitely breathtaking. Yet, if you are going there with kids, don’t worry because there are also Children’s Rides and Ride Token offered for you and kids.


To perfect your trip in Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, grab the chance to taste delicious meal in its food and drink corner. There will be bars, eateries, cafes and also restaurants. Then, after that you can also purchase some gifts in Christmas Markets. Well, it definitely will be such an unforgettable moment for you to spend your holiday in Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. Grab the chance!

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