Why visit the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is fast becoming a big favourite among European and American tourists since this is a rather alternative place that you can spend your vacation at. Moreover, upon mentioning Bulgaria is a tourist destination of notice Plovdiv springs to mind as the city that is a centre of art and culture in the country and, of course, the second biggest after the capital Sofia.Roman_Theatre_Plovdiv

It seems that upon arriving in the city of Plovdiv one return back in time since the place still preserves its ancient cobbled streets, Bulgarian Renaissance houses, boho cafes, and beautiful art galleries. Although the old charm is truly attractive since Plovdiv in built upon layers of history it has its modern pace and quite intensive night life with all the clubs and discos typical of that cultural niche. Being one of the oldest cities in the whole of Europe Plovdiv is great for just strolling along its ancient pedestrian streets, especially in the old town, where you could soak up the culture highly influenced by the Greek and Roman lifestyle of their times.

The city also caresses its many visitors with the mild winters and hot summers, which allow tourists to wonder far and wide and explore the whole of the place in each and every season all year round. Thus you should definitely put Plovdiv on your itinerary for a couple of reasons:

–          The city has unique location – founded on the banks of the Maritsa river, it is situated on a huge plain surrounded by the Rhodope mountains on the one side and the Balkan range on the other, which make you feel tucked in between two colossal natural formations that provide you with protection and plenty to marvel at while, say, taking pictures of the breathtaking views that reveal right in front of your eyes;Bulgarian-arts-and-gifts-820x480

–          Plovdiv was founded around 6,000 years ago thus there are plenty of remnants that you can visit and soak up history in its sheer and original beauty; the Roman amphitheater looks intact since ancient times; upon entering this colossal place you can take a seat and experience the passionate force of music or theatre performances that are held quite often in the very place that our ancestors used to gather together for the cultural events of their times – yes, the Roman amphitheatre is definitely worth a visit!visit Plovdiv

–          The Ethnographic museum is the perfect spot to get to know Bulgarian customs and way of life a bit better. There are numerous exhibits on crafts, farming, traditions and folklore that are unique for this small but amazingly captivating European country.



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