Villa Escudero

Villa Escudero is situated in Quezon Province in the Philippines and provides its guests with a huge hacienda full of both extremely comfortable rooms, and a museum of the most curious things. Actually one of the most amazing and unusual sites in the unique and luxurious resort is the marvelous Waterfalls Restaurant, that is a wonder in its own right – lunch is served right in the waterfall basin against an impressive backdrop of thundering clear spring water. The trick for all those buffet stations and bamboo dining tables to stand steadily only a few metres away from the sparkling waterfall, is hidden in the strong and steady construction and mounting of the professional restaurant furniture as well as the love that is present in all the delicious local dishes, which the guests are enjoying while the water literary washes around their feet. For all these reasons a holiday organized and realized in villa Escudero is one of the most memorable and heartfelt moments in a person’s life. Especially dining in the Waterfalls restaurant is a must that everybody should try out once visiting the exciting and unforgettable resort.Villa Escudero
What’s more, the particular exterior design of Villa Escudero is created and performed in a way that the place is fully nature-bathed, with stunning views from bamboo decks overlooking the still waterscape of Lake Labasin, and the tropical Philippine countryside.
Finally, there are plenty of activities that this truly unique and luxurious resort has on offer for all of its guests and visitors; you will stand the chance of paddling a native bamboo raft over calm waters or, in case you are a much greater fan of hard dry land, then a tour of the rural village by jeep may be some quite nice alternative. You can even see with your own eyes how coconuts are harvested in the plantation of Villa Escudero!

Images Via: KladdeMaryanKosalAlyssa.

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