Vacation Ideas: Christmas Season

Vacation Ideas: Christmas vacation ideas. Let’s make a noise to welcome our lovely Christmas holiday! In this special occasion, I bet you don’t want to miss a single minute doing nothing at all. So, after buying and wrapping up the gifts, now it’s time to think of where you will spend the holiday. Still looking for the ideas for your vacation? Check these beautiful places out!

1. Hawaii

Christmas vacation ideas

Mele Kalikimaka! I consider you have already known that those two words mean Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. If you’re scared of not getting the feeling of Christmas in Hawaii, please don’t be! There, you can spend your Christmas holiday at Maui’s best little town; Lahaina. It’s one of the most recommended little towns in Hawaii. Though it’s just a small town, but you can do everything you want like shopping, having meal at pleasant restaurants, and so on. So, don’t hesitate to give a space for Hawaii on to your vacation list.


2. San Diego

Christmas vacation ideas

There are a lot of nice places you can find in this fantastic city. The one and only hard thing left to do is choosing which place you want spend your holiday in. One place that is recommended for you is one of San Diego’s premier theme parks; Legoland California. Legoland is a comfy place where you can expend your holiday with your family. Experience some areas offered there, such as Dino Island, Explore Village, Miniland USA, and many more.


3. New York City

Christmas vacation ideas

Who doesn’t want to spend the holiday at this sparkling big city? Christmas is nothing without Christmas tree, and New York City presents you an extremely beautiful Christmas tree that you can find in Rockefeller Center. Yap! You will be able to get to see a marvelous Christmas tree in this great place and get a chance to make a picture perfect memory by taking picture in front of the Christmas tree. It sounds good, doesn’t it?


4. Miami


Welcome to Miami! The owner of the world’s largest Christmas theme park namely Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Thought it’s a bit difficult to feel the Christmas season in Miami, you still will get the great holiday here. Santa’s Enchanted Forest will make you amaze while looking at the 90-foot tall Christmas tree at the center of the park. There are also a carnival with hundreds rides, pony rides, and live shows. Not only a carnival, but this place also offers food tents that will serve you with many international culinary from Greece, Mexico, and Italy.


5. Florida

Christmas vacation ideas

Island beaches are available in Florida. One of them is the charming islands of Sanibel. If you’re planning on going to Florida, then this peaceful island paradise is definitely the nice choice to be chosen. The back-to-nature doings are available for you here. You will be able to find 25 miles enjoyable pathway that is nice for jogging or even biking with you family. Spending Christmas holiday in Sanibel Islands? Why not!



I hope you liked our list of Christmas vacation ideas. Let’s spend this Christmas holiday by experiencing a great vacation. Whatever the destination is, just make sure the trip is well-planned, so there won’t be any regret remains. Happy Christmas holiday!.

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