Trendiest and most amazing hotel rooms around the globe

It is quite common that travelling the world over has its pros and cons; however, it seems that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages greatly. As you get the chance to experience various cultures, meet different people and, last but not least, sleep in plenty of diverse hotel rooms. The following collection list showcases the trendiest and most amazing hotel rooms a traveler has ever seen and experienced. So check them out without any hesitation!

1. Panic Room – Au Vieux Panieramazing hotel rooms

This ‘panic’ room situated in a hotel in Marseille in France is truly something out of the ordinary; it combines the usual interior design in its left side (yes, you’ve got it right – the room is clearly divided by the middle into two totally different parts) and the street art of graffiti in the right side. The whole right side is graffiti painted – the walls, the floor, the furniture, even the bed sheets are in the very same pattern as everything else so that it makes it hard to see the door.

2. The Mine Suite – Sala Silvermine Hotelamazing hotel rooms

This room, situated  in a hotel in the Vdstmanland County, which is part of Sweden, is a truly trendy and unique place as it looks like a cave, yet equipped with modern luxurious furniture and more classical lighting; the room is candle lit, which adds up to its eclectic style and romantic atmosphere.

3. The Nautilus Suite – Poseidon Undersea Resort

amazing hotel rooms

The Nautilus suite is part of the Poseidon undersea resort in the Poseidon Mystery Island in Fiji. This suite is a unique and trendy place thanks to the glass roof, which is totally safe and strong – thanks to it, you can lie in the huge trendy bed with your beloved person and observe all the ocean creatures passing by; their beauty could simply amaze you; while the interior design of the suite, which is quite modern and minimalistic, will only add up to the fascination each and every guest of the undersea resort is bound to experience.


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