Tourist attractions in the city of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro attracts visitors first and foremost with its carnival and all the festivities connected with it. Additionally, the wide diversity of the city, the white-sand beaches and party locations delight tourists from all over the globe.

Rio de Janeiro

The most famous part of Rio is probably the South Zone as all the popular beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema are situated here. There are plenty of picturesque restaurants, attractive night clubs and bars as well as live music venues in this part of the city. Additionally, the 38-metre statue of Christ the Redeemer invites tourists high up from the Corcovado Mountain.

Rio de Janeiro
Praca do Arpoador

An interesting place, where you can watch the sunset and enjoy the company of your beloved one while looking at the Corcovado and the Sugar Loaf, is the Praca do Arpoador rock range. These rocks are easily accessible on foot with lots of hiking trails and walkways.

Botanical Garden

The interesting Botanical Garden in Rio is both a laboratory and a park open for visits. There are numerous plants from the Brazilian and foreign flora that are preserved at this unique place. The various flowers, bushes, small trees, bonsais and cactuses, which require special attention and care, are situated in greenhouses; whereas most of the plants native for Brazil are out in the open air. While walking the alleyways and marvelling at the sight of blossomed flowers small monkeys jumping from branch to branch could attract your attention.


Avenida Rio Branco is a lengthy street in the central part of the city that hosts some of the biggest cultural attractions like the Municipal Theatre, the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Library. Some of the tallest buildings in Rio could be spotted right in this main street.

Last but not least, the Grajau State Park in the North Zone of the city serves as a peaceful refuge for both people and animals like guinea pigs, parakeets, hawks, marmosets, bush dogs and vultures. What better way to relax and escape from the rush of the city that to enter the park and mingle with small animals and birds of amazing beauty.


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