Top Travel Destinations In Venezuela


Merida is the first top travel destinations in Venezuela. It is the city with more development of tourism in Venezuela because it has wonders that other countries do not have. It is a relatively small city but has been growing steadily.

No wonder walk the town preserved colonial or “center” of the city and find many tourists of different nationalities. Merida is a major tourist spot, especially because it has the highest cable car and second longest in the world. It is a hilly city, with pleasant weather, very warm people, a variety of tourist attractions such as the Merida Zoo and surrounded by typical villages such as San Rafael de Mucuchíes , the birthplace of the Venezuelan architect Juan Felix Sanchez , who retain their architecture colonial.

Merida is a town near the Sierra Nevada National Park where reign filled with eternal snow peaks, including the Pico Bolivar , the highest mountain elevation Venezuela largest. They usually start climbing crossing the Cordillera de Merida in the park The Mucuy in Tabay.

The Gran Sabana

The Gran Sabana is the next top travel destinations in Venezuela. It is a natural region, located south of the country, where the oldest geological formations on the continent. It is a region full of wonders, there is located Canaima, a tropical rainforest full of tepuis, rivers and waterfalls of great magnitude. In the Gran Sabana, there is the Angel Falls, the waterfall is recognized as the highest waterfall in the world. Tourism in this area of the country is of great importance, this natural wonder is recognized as World Heritage Humanity.

Margarita Island

Margarita is one of the top travel destinations for enjoyment and relaxation. It is an island with a modern infrastructure, bordered by beautiful beaches suitable for extreme sports and has castles, forts, and churches of great cultural value.

Los Roques and Tortoise

The Los Roques Archipelago is made up o

f a group of islands and cays that are one of the main tourist attractions of the country. Tortoise is a park consists of small cays very close to the mainland, which have grown rapidly as one of the greatest tourist attractions in the Caribbean.

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