Top ten tips for visiting Alton Towers

deals-alton-towers-package1Alton Towers in Staffordshire is easily one of the best theme parks in the country, if not the world. Alton Towers is open from 21st March – 8th November and finishes its season with a spooktacular Halloween celebration. It has some of the world’s best roller coasters including Rita, Nemesis and the latest ride The Smiler with people visiting from all over the world to ride them.Download  Alton Towers Map 2015

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All of this means Alton Towers can get very busy. Unless you’re prepared, you could find you’ve wasted a lot of money and a whole day standing around in queues, when you should be having a great day out. Don’t worry though; following our own excellent recent day out there, here are our top ten tips for visiting Alton Towers to help you get the most out of your day and your money.

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    1. Cheaper entry tickets

Entry tickets can be pricey, especially if there is a big group of you. Good news though, there are plenty of ways to avoid paying full price.

      • If you’re a frequent Tesco shopper you should have enough Clubcard vouchers to exchange for entry tickets and locker vouchers. £13 worth of Clubcard vouchers gets you one ticket – so start shopping and saving those points!
      • If you don’t already eat Kellogg’s cereal then it’s time to start. As part of their Grown-ups go free promotion, every voucher on their promotional packs gets free adult entry when a child or adult ticket is bought. You could save up to £55 with every voucher.
      • Order tickets online and save 25%
      • Children under 4 years get in for free
      • Family tickets (max. 2 adults) £43.80 pp
      • Pay £7.50 more and you can get a ticket to come back the next day
    1. Get there early

The car park, monorail and ticket offices open earlier than the park itself. So, if you arrive early enough, you are ready to go the moment the gates open

    1. Plan you visit and go to the back of the park first

Check out a map of the park as soon as you can and plan the rides that you want to go on. Most people go on the rides at the front of the park first and work their way around. Instead, head towards Forbidden Valley or Dark Forest first and work your way back round to the front.

The Smiller is the big new ride that everyone will be heading to first – don’t be one of them. Avoid the three hour queue and go later in the day. Don’t mock the smaller rides either – they’re still really fun! Hex and the Runaway train are two of our favourites

Also, keep looking at the electronic boards that have up-to-date queue times. You might be lucky and see Air is only 5 mins!

    1. Don’t forgot to download Alton Tower app’s to keep up to date with all the latest information, from queue times to special offers!
    1. Single Rider queues

If you don’t mind riding the rides by yourself, the single rider queue is a real time saver – keep an eye out for them

    1. Fast Track tickets

If you really can’t stand the idea of queuing for one of the big rides, you can purchase a fast track ticket. They can be purchased online or at the info desks – be quick though, a limited number are available each day.

    1. Bring your own lunch

The food at Alton Towers really isn’t all that. It’s just your standard fast food only pricier. There are loads of places where you can eat and if there weather is good, you can chill out on the huge lawns and refuel for the rest of your day

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  • Buy a locker


They don’t cost much and you can keep a spare change of clothes in there in case you get soaked on the rapids or your coats if you’re lucky with the weather. You can also store your packed lunch here too!


  • It’s the lines that close, not the rides


Most people think that when it gets to closing time, everything shuts – not true! The lines close but the rides stay open. So as long as you’re in the queue when the park is closing, you are guaranteed to get a ride


  • Leave before or after everyone else


An obvious one but people still forget it. Don’t try and leave at the same time as everyone else. The monorail queue is massive but the carpark is HUGE – catch 22. Avoid this dilemma by leaving half an hour before everyone else or stay a bit later and browse the stores and pick up a tacky souvenir to remember your day.


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