Top 8 places to celebrate New Year’s Eve

If you are thinking how to celebrate next New Year’s Eve and you want it to be more interesting and exciting than the last times, you should consider visiting one of the following cities for the holiday. They are world famous with their celebrations. We guarantee that you will experience a really unique and memorable holiday!

8. Edinburgh

celebrate New Year's Eve

 If you choose the capital of Scotland, you will have the chance to have party not only on 31st of December, but whole 4 days. During that period there are various festivities- traditional music, dance lessons, DJ’s, different games including dip in the River Forth and of course, everything garnished with many fireworks!

7. Paris

celebrate New Year's Eve

 There is no such romantic and special place as Paris, especially for New Year’s Eve celebration. The streets are full of people and there is a magical atmosphere due to the splendid lights. The Eiffel Tower is beautifully lighted and there is a spectacular fireworks show.

6. Rio

celebrate New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is considered to be the most important day for the Brazilians. So, they are well prepared for this holiday. Apart from the usual parties, concerts, fireworks and a lot of champagne, you should know that everybody is dressed in white, which is to bring luck for the following year.

5. Disneyland

celebrate New Year's Eve

 Searching for the best place for the New Year’s Eve when you are going to be with the children? Disneyland is the one! Here fun and celebrations start from 7 a.m in the morning with a variety of entertainments and continue till 1 a.m.. Among the dance parties, music, fireworks and confetti, you can enjoy the Cirque Du Soleil performances.

4. London

celebrate New Year's Eve

Thousands of people from UK and around the world gather in London for New Year’s Eve. There are a lot of things to do. Clubs, fancy restaurants, cruise along the Thames river(have in mind that tickets are sold out in the beginning of the year) or you can just walk around the streets and enjoy the light shows and everything else!

3. Las Vegas

celebrate New Year's Eve

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas i s definitely going to be the craziest party ever, that will blow your mind. You may meet many celebrities such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, who are here not only to perform, but to have fun, too. There is no traffic on the strip and some claim that the firework displays are one of the biggest in the world.

2. Hawaii

celebrate New Year's Eve

Have you thought of celebrating New Year’s Eve in a warm, tropical place? Hawaii will offer you just that kind of experience- beaches, open bars with cocktails, cruises, hot clubs. Of course, fireworks and shows are not forgotten at midnight!

1. Sydney

celebrate New Year's Eve

The first big city that meets the new year is Sydney, so no wonder it is considered to be one of the best places for the holiday. The amazing fireworks light up the Opera House, the Harbour and you can also enjoy them on cruise. Another festive that you may be interested in is the Taronga centre masquerade party.



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