Top 5 Lake Garda Best Restaurants

Lake Garda Best Restaurants. Famous for its wonderful tourist attractions, Lake Garda offers the great chance to experience opportune holiday ever. Something that should be noted is that Lake Garda is also very rich in its culinary tradition. Along with this fact, there are various great restaurants stretched all over Lake Garda. Whether you want a romantic restaurant that offers great sights of the lake or restaurants which is suitable for family gathering, all of them are available in Lake Garda.

Lake Garda Best Restaurants

Restaurant Pizzeria La Formica

One of the specialties of Restaurant Pizzeria La Formica is ravioli; a kind of Italian dish made of folded pasta which is filled with meat, vegetables, or cheese. This restaurant which is located in a little square of Bardolino’s old town does pay attention to every details of the building. There are a wide variety of menu you can taste in this luxury restaurant. Traditional dishes made from original ingredients will definitely make you satisfied, even for you who are specific about food. Such a nice to try, isn’t it?

Lake Garda Best Restaurants

Restaurant Alla Lega

Founded by Mamma Andreina in 1956, Restaurant Alla Lega offers you its vision “the search for good traditional tastes. Alla Lega has a high status as one of recommended restaurants due to its excellent food. Using the products of its region, this great restaurant provides you many kinds of appetizing food such as barley soup Trentina style, pasta with hare sauce, spinach dumplings with melted butter and sage, et cetera. Having meal at this restaurant, don’t miss to nibble the dessert like carrot cake and apple strudel.

Restaurant Giardino delle Rane

Lake Garda Best Restaurants

Nearby the Carlotti Square, there’s a remarkable restaurant named Restaurant Giardino delle Rane. This restaurant will make you pleased with its specialty in providing many different kinds of local and international cookery. Not only having meal, but also enjoying culture events can you garb at once in this restaurant. Associating with cultural association, Giardino delle Rane holds some events like shows, concerts, jazz music, and many more. Taste the tasty menu and enjoy the show!

Restaurant Le Ancore della Bastia

Lake Garda Best Restaurants

Having sea food as its main menu, Restaurant Le Ancore della Bastia offers you with so many different kinds of sea food that definitely lure you to try it. Using traditional Mediterranean method of cooking, this luxury restaurant supplies you oysters, clams, scallops, blue lobster, red prawns, and so on. Hmmm, sounds yummy, right?

Restaurant Capriccio

Lake Garda Best Restaurants

Not only offering a tasty menu, but also offering you with breathtaking views over the olive trees and the lake, Restaurant Capriccio is such a nice choice to stop at. There are two different rooms in this restaurant; a big summer veranda and a big hall made of glass window, what you have to do is simply choose where you want to sit. The special and recommended meals here are parmesan eggplants, fished bass prepared with sea salted crust Garda, and many more!.

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