Top 10 Places That Everybody Should Visit in Africa

Top 10 places that everybody should visit in Africa. Africa, known also as the Black continent, is one of the most diverse lands on our planet. You can see from modern cities to places where a human has never stepped. The continent considered to be the birthplace of humanity has a lot to offer! There are about 120 UNESCO heritage sites, but the places which are worth seeing are much more than that. Cosmopolitan cities and small villages with local tribes with their own traditions, exotic cuisine, wildlife safaris, rainforests and endless deserts. However, we tried to pick the top 10 Africa destinations that you can include on your bucket list. Each of them is unique and special, so we decided not to rank them. All of these African destinations are simply amazing!
Check them out!

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


The great migration, Tanzania


Nairobi, Kenya


Durban, South Africa


The Masai Mara, Kenya

places that everybody should visit in Africa


Fes, Morocco


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Cape Town, South Africa


Djenne, Mali


Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

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