Top 10 Countries For Cheapest Air Travel

10. Poland: $18.12 per 100 km


Poland may not be one of the most popular destinations, especially for Americans, but it has a lot to offer. There are many historical sight seeing options- fortresses, old churches, castles and ruins, as well as outdoor activities- biking and hiking. Poland brags with its delicious food- filled with meat cabbage leaves, Pierogies and amazing desserts.

9. Russia: $16.67 per 100 km


Russia has been often in the news recently, but the country can be quite a good destination for air travelers. The largest country in the world has many surprises for you! Lonely Planet is advising us to skip Moscow and St. Petersburg, but visit places like Gorodetsk- the town of folk artists,the former Prussian resort- Zelenogradsk or Yekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains .

8. Italy: $16.57 per 100 km


Going to Italy for the good bargain? The country has many expensive offers, but there is still a lot to do for a good price. Trains are very cheap, so you can travel around. Surprisingly, the food in Florence and Rome is not expensive at all and there are many hostels popular among European backpackers.

7. Turkey: $15.77 per 100 km

Cheapest Air Travel

Many people associate Turkey with the Ottoman Empire, that once spread over half of Europe. Now tourist may be surprised that the country has some very modern metropolises with skyscrapers and busy night life. Besides the cosmopolitan life, you will see rich culture, ruins, mosques and many monuments.

6. United States: $13.74 per 100 km


USA is not only McDonalds and Hollywood! You can see and do much more than that! For 9dollars you can watch Yankees at their stadium, go to a rodeo show in New Mexico or visit some of the small cities like Carson City, where you play bowling or eat old fashioned ice cream. You could drive around the country, but why do it when this is one of the cheapest air travel countries.

5. Spain: $13.06 per 100 km


There is a big difference between the north and south part of Spain. In the North you can visit Barcelona or see Basque country. Go south and stop by Madrid and Seville, where to enjoy Gothic Catholic cathedrals and Flamenco dancers. People in Spain enjoy outdoor activities and everybody is gathering at the plazas and in the lush gardens. Don’t forget to try tortilla and churros con chocolate!

4. Australia: $12.06 per 100 km


Australia has something for every taste! There is wildlife and modern city life. You can go scuba diving or surfing, see kangaroos or have a Northern Aboriginal experience. Next day you can visit the Sydney Opera House or walk by skyscrapers! It is really difficult not to fall in love with this country full of amazing places and experiences!

3. South Africa: $11.51 per 100 km


It may be a long trip to SA, but it is totally worthy! This is the place where you can see both hippos and penguins. The prices for seeing the wildlife are cheaper than East Africa. SA has even 5 ecosystems in one of Wetland parks. The other advantage is that the country has quite good infrastructure.

2. Malaysia: $11.31 per 100 km



Malaysia spreads across two two land masses-Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia or Malaysian Borneo. Tourism plays an important role for the country’s economy. You should try here Sipadan- an underwater exploration or visit an elephant orphanage where you can play with baby elephants.

1. India: $10.25 per 100 km

India is not only Taj Mahal, Mumbai markets or the Golden Temple. Do something different and visit one of the oldest monasteries in the world- Buddhist Caves of Ajanta or take a cheap flight to a not so known village to see some of the real India!


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