The Skyscraper Empire State Building

The Skyscraper Empire State Building. Listening to empire state of mind and singing along with Alicia Keys while walking on inside the Empire State Building will be such a nice thing to do when you pay a visit to New York City. It’s definitely right that the big city New York is a place where dreams are made and where you feel brand new, like the song stated. This wonderful building finds its way to the heart of New Yorkers, even non-New Yorkers. Every place has its history, and these are the facts behind this historic landmark; Empire State Building.

Even though recently it’s no longer the tallest building ever in the world, but still, it’s one of the most remarkable buildings ever. Empire State Building has ever been the tallest building in the world for 40 years since its completion. Yet, there is shocking news about it. Do you happen to know how long it takes to build the building? Well, you may say it takes more than years to do so, but actually the fact says that it only takes a year and 45 days to build. It’s such a pretty short time to construct such a tall building, isn’t it?

Empire State Building is one of tourist attractions in New York City. I bet everyone who has a chance to go to New York will definitely want to take a peek at this 102-floors building. Then, what you have to be sure knows how to buy the ticket. There are two options to purchase the ticket; it’s either via online or at the Empire State Building. If you decide to buy it directly there, I suggest you to come early to prevent the crowds wait for the tickets.

This is the fact that you might be proud of about this super exciting building. The Empire State Building has declared its cool program to be one model that practices eco-friendly building. It’s known as the Empire State ReBuilding Program that sustainably reduces the carbon footprint and be wiser in managing the energy use. Hmm, it makes this great thing nicer.

Last but not least, this one is another cool fact that you have to know about Empire State Building. Who don’t like sparkling colors? Almost no one does. Yap, it makes you amaze to know that the building’s light colors will change depend on the current event held.


Every December 1, the light color will be red in honor to WORLD AIDS day. It will change into red, orange, and yellow when the Thanksgiving Day comes. It’s such a cool thing, indeed.


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