The Scariest Airports in the World

Flying might be one of the safest ways to travel, but that doesn’t stop thousands of us saying a quick prayer during take-off and landing and gripping onto the arm rests at the slightest shake, myself included. Those of a nervous disposition would be wise to avoid these airports, which have been hailed as the scariest airports to fly into – eek!

Courchevel Airport, France

Located in the picturesque French ski town in the heart of the alps, the Courchevel airport has an uphill run way that measures just 1722 feet in length. And if your pilot fails to apply the brakes in time, at the other end is a sheer drop off a cliff. Most of us need not worry though, as only private jets are welcome here.


Princess Juliana International Airport, St Martin

St Martin’s super short runway means that incoming plans fly extremely low over the adjacent Maho beach. The noise and wind is so intense that adrenaline junkies, a.k.a. crazy people, line up at the fence separating the end of the runway from the beach.


Madeira Airport, Madeira

Madeira Island’s Funchal airport has water on one side and hills on the other. In 2000, the runway was extended into the Atlantic ocean in order to accommodate larger jets.


Barra Airport, Scotland

The only airport in the world where airplanes actually land onto a sandy beach. The airport disappears when the tide comes in from Traigh Mhor bay, and as it is naturally lit, car head lights are used to provide extra light when visibility is decreased.


Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Nepal

Tenzing-Hillary Airport is definitely one of the scariest airports. At the southern end of the runway is a 2,000 feet drop into a valley. Unfortunately, accidents are high here, with there being 4 in the last 5 years. Definitely one to give a miss…


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