The Outstanding Tailandia Tourist Attractions

The Outstanding Tailandia Tourist Attractions. Welcome to Tailandia! Tailandia or Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia. Offering a number of tourist attractions, Thailand has done well to lure lots visitors to drop by the site every year. If you are planning on going to see Thailand for the first time, it would be better if you check the rolls below to decide where to go in the stunning Thailand.

Similan Islands



When it comes to popular sites existing in Tailandia, it is a must to mention Similan Islands. Being one of the most visited spots in Thailand, Similan Island is a must to visit especially for those who are keen on diving. Being the home of stunning coral reefs makes the spot a great place for diving. Consisting of 9 islands in total, Similan Islands offer great views underwater that will satisfy whoever experiences diving into its blue waters.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar


The Outstanding Tailandia Tourist Attractions

Want to witness a sparkling night of Tailandia? Drop by the Chiang Mai will be a good idea. When night comes, Chiang Mai turns into a bustling Night Bazaar. Sculptures, clothes, handicrafts, food; all are obtainable on site. The surroundings are filled with a number of shopping centers where you can purchase some high-quality goods cheaply. Hunting for nice souvenirs? Give it a try to visit Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is recommended.

Ayuthaya Historical Park



The impressive Ayuthaya Historical Park definitely should be taken into account when talking about Tailandia tourist attractions. To get to know deeper about the historic Thailand, add the stunning Ayuthaya into your itinerary will be such a great decision to make. Paying a visit to the site makes it possible for you to get on a boat to tour along its fascinating rivers. Another option, renting a bike and cycling around the park is recommended for those who love biking.

Railay Beach



Also known as Rai Leh, Railay Beach is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Tailandia. To reach the beach, you only can use boat since there is no other accessible option. Don’t hesitate to come due to that reason. The beach is highly recommended to visit and is indeed worth visiting. Keen on climbing? The cliffs in Railay Beach are famous as one of the main attractions of the beach. That is why; for rock climbers, it’s great to grab the chance challenge yourself to climb its cliffs. Have a good time!.

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