The Most Dangerous Trail in the World Leads to the Most Surprising Place

One of the scariest places in the world, without a doubt, is a mountain in China named Mt. Hua Shan. At the base of it are stone stairs, which are called “the Heavenly Stairs”. This is not a place for people who are scared of heights. These stairs go so high that it is hard for anyone to see where they end. As you may guess, the risky stairs lead to something even more dangerous, namely, the world’s most dangerous path – the Hua Shan. It is not mandatory to wear a safety gear with you, although it is highly recommended. The trail itself is daring and stunning, but what is at the end of it is truly shocking.
The stairs are scary looking and seemingly endless. However, many people do dare to take on the dangerous journey because of the final destination. While walking the walk, one could enjoy small beautiful villages and when one is high enough, there is a gondola ride to the southern peak to be more fun. At one point, there is a spot where the trail becomes really dangerous, because there is nothing but planks to step onto and a rail to hold onto. There is really nothing that can keep you safe, but yourself. But if you are one of the brave ones, at the end of this mysterious and dangerous journey, there is something so interesting that it is definitely worth. Namely, at the very top, you can witness a Taoist temple which has been converted into a teahouse. The shocking part is that thousands of people walk and climb the most dangerous trail in the world to end up in a teahouse. Yet, to be honest, once you see even on a picture the gorgeous view from the rail, you will realize that no matter how dangerous it is, the journey is worth it.

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