The beaches of Brazil

Brazil's beaches

Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro is probably Brazil’s most famous beach. It is lined up with palm trees and a pedestrian zone that couples like to visit. There are a variety of hotels, bars, restaurants and night clubs on the broad-walk next to the beach that are crowded with people, who want to spend even one night at the famous Brazilian party location.

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro is the second most visited beach in Brazil. It is considered the place which the most beautiful women of the country go to in order to sunbathe in their Brazilian bikini and show their sexy bodies. Though tempting as it is, Ipanema is known as a rather peaceful location for some sweet talk while sipping a glass of cocktail on the white sand.

Boa Viagem, Recife

Boa Viagem, Recife is a unique kind of beach, which is lit up at night so that to allow visitors to take a safe evening swim and enjoy themselves. The sand-coast is several kilometres long and hosts an amazing reef that is a nice destination for divers or water-sport enthusiasts.


The beaches of Natal are two major types – urban and outside-city ones. The first are rather safe and clean thus providing tourists with the chance to sunbathe and have parties at night. The latter are mainly made up of large sand-dunes that are perfect for buggy-rides or just sitting under a shade and enjoying the natural lagoons and the bluest of water.
Praia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha is an island beach that is among the most beautiful in Brazil with turquoise waters and clean white sand. If diving or snorkeling you can spot turtles, eels, sharks and dolphins.

Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a virgin region off the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro. There are no roads or towns on the island only small villages with several hundred inhabitants. Thus the place is perfect for camping, trail hiking and enjoying the pristine beaches with wonderful views and vegetation.


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