Staying in an underwater hotel room in Zanzibar

Have you ever dreamed of being rocked to sleep by the ocean in an underwater hotel room? Well, this is not some fairy tale plot but a real possibility in the Manta Resort on Pemba island in Zanzibar. You could book the only underwater room in this tropical hotel where you could marvel at the sheer beauty of all ocean creatures passing by the large glass windows of your hotel room.
This exceptional bedroom floats anchored to a shallow coastal reef and is located below deck inviting visitors to glance through its windows all day and night long. In broad daylight you could witness various ocean creatures like tropical fish passing by; at night the lights illuminating the deck and the whole room attract squids that are curious to find out what’s going on.
Last but not least, there is no denying that the whole experience is rather expensive but it is well worth it since you do not happen to sleep every night underwater only waking up to find out that you could dive directly in the ocean and swim alongside tropical fish.

Source: Genberg Underwater Hotels (via


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