Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Famous for its wonderful tourist attractions, London has been one of well known holiday destinations in the world. Offering such a stunning nature sights, there is one place you cannot miss; Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. There are a number of attractions you can enjoy in this wonderful site. Check the details below.


Consisting of a series of parks, Royal Botanical Gardens Kew is a historic landscape located in southwest London, England. The gardens function as both a tourist destination and a conversation which has contributed a lot to the study of plant diversity and economic botany. There are various attractions visitors can enjoy, from the garden attractions itself until nice cafes and restaurants where you can get a pleasure in tasting delicious meal. Overall, you will never regret paying a visit to the wonderful Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.


Awarded as UNESCO World Heritage, it would be nice to spend your holiday there together with your friends or family. Start the journey in Gardens Kew with its Kew Explorer; a 4o minutes tours around the gardens with commentary. Getting on the train while exploring the gardens is an interesting doings that can make you gain more knowledge about the gardens; its history, its plants, and many more. There are many stops around the gardens and you are free to get on and off at any stop you want; as long as you own the ticket. In addition, it’s easy to purchase the ticket, you can buy it from the Kew Explorer Driver, ticket gates, Kew shops, or via online.


The Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway is one of amazing attractions offered in the Kew Gardens. First opened to the public on 2008, this outstanding walkway is a 18 meter high, 200 meter walkway to guide the visitors around the tops of lime, sweet chestnut and oak trees. It definitely will be such a great experience for you that might be the one and only in your lifetime. That’s why it a must to try on it if you are paying a visit to Kew Gardens.


Another gardens attraction offered is Davies Alpine House. This is the most up-to-date addition to Kew’s glasshouses. Even though the glasshouse is only 16 meters long, but Kew’s Alpine House team has developed a number of plant collections over time. All the plants are cultivated in pots and are on display when they come into blossom.


After satisfied enjoying the garden, take some time to relax your body in its cafes and restaurants. There are various cafes and restaurants available for you. If you are willing to grab a quick tea or coffee, Victoria Gate Café is such a nice choice to choose. You will also be able to have nice sandwich or cake. Enjoy!.

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