Relaxing holiday – North island villa, Seychelles

We all crave for some relaxing holiday in some exotic place as this recharges our batteries in the best way possible and gives us the chance to have a fresher mind and body to continue dealing with our every-day tasks. We need to go to a place where silence is a priority and this silence is only disturbed by the beautiful songs of exotic birds or the exceptional cries of unknown animals. This capsule of fresh air becomes ever more beautiful with the breathtaking view of the ocean and the smell the morning or evening breeze brings. seychelles Thus, although the location presented below is pretty luxurious and expensive, we could take some time and dream about it, we could dream about the infinite ocean and rain forests, the animals and birds that inhabit the place as some day our dream might come true, probably with putting in plenty of hours of work but still – it is worth it.

So let’s take a look at this incredibly luxurious and stunningly beautiful retreat spot at the shore of the Indian ocean; this is the North Island villa – a secluded sanctuary situated in the Seychelles – a location that most of the people choose it as the target for their dream holiday. Moreover, the North island villa is one of the most romantic and exotic pool resorts all over the world; since this very resort is a true oasis, which has preserved the natural habitat intact and where endangered species of animals and plants have been rehabilitated and lead a peaceful existence. Thus the North Island villa in the Seychelles is a true role model for the world on how to combine luxury for the people with the natural habitat that is home to various endangered animals and plants.High-End-Luxurious-Retreat-North-Island-Villa-Seychelles-homesthetics-design-5

Additionally, there are a number of private lodges built in the area; still they don’t disturb the virgin lands that we have described above. The various villas are situated on several levels ascending from the private beach belonging to the resort and all of them have incredible views towards the infinite ocean.

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