Private island in Bora Bora for sale

Each and every person becomes tempted by the sheer thought of purchasing their own private island; ever more exciting the offer becomes when one understands that this very island is part of the Bora Bora archipelago in French Polynesia. Thus in case you have the needed money, don’t hesitate at all, go on and buy yourself a nice cozy spot that except everything else looks like a pretty sound investment. The very island we are talking about is actually called Motu Haapiti Rahi and is situated in the Bora Bora lagoon; specialists have established the price of 7 million dollars for this piece of Heaven on Earth.Private island
To get further into the details, which are probably most interesting for the public, the island is perfectly maintained and although it is about a hectare in surface it is tailored in a way so that tosuite the preferences and needs of its future owner. The beautiful lagoon of Bora Bora hosts crystal clear waters that wash the sandy beaches, which, in turn, touch the flourishing vegetation next to them making the place a truly desired spot for recreation. To get there, though, the only way is by boat; moreover, the island offers a cozy little wharf where you can leave your boat and go exploring the two houses that are built on the island. The main house is virtually divided into two parts, which are linked through huge open deck. Those two parts contain all the rooms needed to make a home cozy and convenient for living – there is the kitchen, the living and dining areas, the shower and toilet and the master bedroom. Yet the other house serves rather as a guest home, which has two large bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a deck. All of it sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Despite the fact that the price is surely high for most of the people, this island costs as much as an expensive car and a house but it is certainly worth much more. It is a real treasure and a nest egg for future generations..

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