Luxurious residential project

Crown Group has been creating luxurious flat complexes ever since 1996; as of now their project aims to help revitalize northern Sydney. This luxurious residential project has the chance to show people what living in the contemporary world means.
The company states that their chief mission is to evoke the feeling of staying in a five-star hotel on some exotic island the moment you enter into the residential flat property you have purchased.Rewriting-City-Living-Luxury-Residential-Project-Envisioned-Crown-Group (2)
Additionally, Crown Group hopes to take their luxurious residential project into a whole new level – this is actually the green level, which is environment-friendly and at the same time the apartments have all the latest equipment and luxuries that people feel attached to when spending nearly a million dollars for these extraordinary flats. The building is called Skye built by Crown at 211-223 Pacific Highway it and will certainly feature three luxury penthouses with private rooftop sky gardens. What’s more, the 242 flats in the 20-storey building will be equipped with outdoor gardens so that even in the city to keep their owners close to nature. When buying an apartment in the building your garden will have rare plats already planted for you like dragon, frangipani and olive trees – sounds exotic, doesn’t it? This will definitely be pretty much different from the normal city apartment where you don’t have the chance to experience the fresh air and your bond with nature. Since the ambition of the company was to provide their clients with city homes that are extremely beautiful, convenient and functional and they have achieved their goal so far.
Last but not least, the luxurious residential complex has attracted plenty of media attention, which, in turn, served the company right and now they have a lot of inquiries and requests from investors and owner-occupiers eager to secure penthouses in the new project.
Finally, the luxurious residential project is already well developed and rather small apartments with one bedroom and study, two-bedroom flats as well as three-bedroom penthouses are offered for sale. The location of the building is truly mesmerizing as well as the interior and the breathtaking view that could be seen from all windows, gardens and balconies. All in all, the luxurious residential project is a synonym highest quality that the company delivers to their clients.


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