Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Netherlands

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Netherlands. There will be no end when we talk what we want to do and where we want to go to spend a good holiday time. Everybody wishes to have a nice time together with friends, family, or the loved one. Spending holiday by visiting beautiful places is just one of the mountainous ways. As widely known, Netherlands is on the list of most recommended places to stop at during the holiday season.


Simply wonderful and truly amazing is what Netherlands offers to us, the visitors. It might be not your first time hearing about one outstanding garden in Netherlands namely Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. Yap! This biggest tulip garden in the world is such a must to see while having a great holiday in the stunning country, Netherlands.


Located in the small town of Lisse in South Holland, Keukenhof covers an area of 32 hectares with around about 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year. Well, that is why this stunning garden becomes the largest tulip garden ever. If you are planning on visiting this garden, the best time to visit this wonderful Keukenhof Garden is around the mid April, though this beautiful garden is available to be visited during the spring from March to May every year.


Colorful flowers will welcome you to Keukenhof Gardens where you can see breathtaking sights ever; even words cannot truly describe how beautiful they are. Even though Keukenhof is very popular for its wonderful tulips garden, it doesn’t mean that you can only have a pleasure from admiring those tulips. There are many other kinds of flowers planted there, such as lilies, daffodils, narcissus and many more. They all just simply beautiful that will make your eyes definitely wide open.


Having a trip to Netherlands, it’s undoubtedly a must to stop at Keukenhof Gardens. What makes Keukenhof even more wonderful beside its charming tulips is that there are many other garden styles. Though it’s mainly designed in the classic English garden style, you will still be able to see the beauty of other garden styles such as Japanese Country Garden. In addition, you will also have a great time walking around its appealing Nature Gardens which combines wild rounded plants with shrubs and Historic Garden that consists of some anchient herbs and old tulip varieties. Therefore when you have time to visit Netherlands, don’t even dare to miss the chance enjoying the charming Keukenhof Gardens. Or, either way, you will regret it. So, grab the luck!

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