Indian Gazetted Holidays 2013

Indian Gazetted Holidays 2013. India, being one of beautiful countries in Asia, has its own public holidays named Gazetted Holidays; just like statutory holidays in British Columbia countries. There are various holidays with different fabulous festivals to celebrate it. Similar with Statutory Holidays in Canada, the public holidays in India also sometimes differs between one region and other regions.

Indian Gazetted Holidays

There are three main full national public holidays in India which are celebrated by all India citizens, those are Republic Day which is celebrated annually on 26th of January, Independence Day on 15th of August, and Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday on every 2nd of October. Besides those three holidays, India also has some Gazetted Holidays that run on a particular date every year from January through December.

On January, one of the Gazetted Holidays in India is Milad Un Nabi on 25th of January to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. This is celebrated by Moslem India and becomes a public holiday since there are lots of Moslem in India. Another Gazetted Holiday is Maha Shivaratri which is celebrated on every 10th of March, Holi Day on every 27th of March and Good Friday on 29th of March this year. While on April 2013, there is only one Gazetted holiday that is Mahavir Jayanti on April 24.



Consisting of 28 states and 7 union territories, India is a country where different religions live in, such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, et cetera. That is why there are several religious holidays being held in some regions in India where those religions have a huge number of followers. The examples of religious holidays which are included as Gazetted Holidays in India are Buddha Purnima which is celebrated on 25th of May and Idu’l Fitr which is celebrated by Moslems.

After celebrating Independence Day on 15th of August, there will be another public holiday celebrated on August that is Janamashtami on 28. On October, several Gazetted Holidays also exist; those are Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd of October, Dussehra on 13, and Idu’l Zuha on 16. While on November, there will be Diwali Holiday on 14, Muharram on 14, andGuru Nanak Jayanti on 17. On the last month of a year, there will be Christmas every 25th of December.

Indian commonly celebrates those Gazetted Holidays by holding festivals, special events, or simply spending the holidays on a vacation. One of the most famous holidays might be Dussehra which is a Hindu festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Some regions will celebrate it by running some events that sometimes can last for days. There usually will be some live performances and a big festival..

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