Hotel Boutique Lafayette

Hotel Boutique Lafayette is mainly decorate in the Provence style still combined with modern decor ideas, all of which make the place exceptional and truly attractive for people of all ages and walks of life. The project about this astounding hotel was materialized by Octav Roman and Natalia Berzovskaia from Creative Interior – these are two of the young mastermind designers currently working in Romania.Hotel Boutique Lafayette
Tho get even further into the details, HOTEL BOUTIQUE Lafayette is situated in the outskirts of the very historical centre of Bucharest, more specifically in Pache Protopopescu Square. The total area of the hotel is about 400 sq.m. is, which is quite impressive that this area summons all this Provence style with touches of luxury. Moreover, there are 7 rooms in the hotel, divided into various categories on the principle of colour matches – room 1 and 4 are designed in blue, 2 and 5 are in beige, 3, 6 and 7 are green – so even this technique is pretty innovative and the designers have received plenty of appreciation and respect for using it in their building. Furthermore, the sheer facade has been designed in some contemporary style so that the designers could achieve the emphasizing contrast with much more classical interior thus the whole hotel looks pretty impressive and elegant as well as trendy due to the latest technologies installed in it.
As a whole, each and every of the room walls and ceilings are painted in pastel colours, the likes of pastel blue, beige, green and lilac; besides decorative plaster and wallpaper with floral motifs are used to make the atmosphere ever more inviting and home-like. Antique pieces of furniture made of solid wood by master-minds in the field of furniture manufacturing turn into the focal point in each and every hotel room. And last but not least, the Provence style of the Hotel boutique Lafayette could be unthinkable, not to say impossible, without the natural textiles used for the interior design of the room as they make them truly clean, natural and inviting. Mainly the upholstery and curtains are made of these fabrics – satin, cotton, lawn – as they evoke some feeling of relaxation and comfort in each and every guest of the hotel. The decorations in the rooms are also paid special attention to; the chandeliers in white, the faceted mirrors, the framed flower paintings, the candlesticks, bedspreads and pillows with floral motifs are all carefully chosen to suit the overall atmosphere of the particular room and the hotel as a whole.


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