Hogmanay 2013 Lineup Edinburgh

Hogmanay 2013 Lineup Edinburgh. Don’t dare to waste your holiday just by doing nothing at all. If you are visiting Edinburgh, it will be such a nice doings to spend your holiday taking part in its Hogmanay celebration. There will be a lot of interesting attractions which catch so much attention from all round the nation. Check the details below about Hogmanay Edinburgh and don’t hesitate to come, see, and join!


Welcome to the home of Hogmanay; Edinburgh’s Hogmanay New Years Celebration. This annual event is well known as one of the biggest New Year celebration in the world. The event this year will be held in Edinburgh Castle, Castle Street from December 31st at 9pm until 1am January 1st. It’s such a nice event to be visited since there will be so many wonderful features like live music and firework display.


The most popular even in the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival is its Street Party. Take place along the Princess Street, this amazing big event offers some must-to-see attributes such as live bands, dances, and street theater groups. This ticketed event is such an ideal entertainment to perfect your New Year’s holiday in Edinburgh. Since there will be crowds joining the party, it would be better if book the ticket advance. Make sure you have the street party pass if you are going to Edinburgh to bond with the party.


At around about 9pm, the event will be continued by some live performances on the stage. Then, the street party is followed by the outstanding firework display above Edinburgh Castle which will make your eyes wide open. Then, it will be followed by singing the Auld Lang Syne, a traditional poem which is set to music, when all of the throng link hands while singing the song. What should be remembered is that there will be no entry permitted after 11pm, so make sure you come there in time. Don’t miss it because it will be such a night to remember.


Another great episode of your New Year’s holiday in Edinburgh happens by grabing the chance to enjoy its headline event named the Concert in the Gardens. You also have to purchase a ticket to watch this wonderful main event of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. There will be awesome performances by the Scottish band, Simple Minds, as well as other performances fro Scottish indie band, The View and Edinburgh band, Bwani Junction. Well, it’s definitely worthy experience ever. Enjoy!.


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