Hanoi Old Quarter Street Food


Hanoi Old Quarter Street Food. Vietnam can be claimed as one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Moreover, Vietnam is also well known for its healthy food, so it’s just right to experience a great culinary tour in Vietnam. Among many cities in Vietnam, the best site you start your culinary tour is Hanoi. Being one of the busiest cities in Vietnam, Hanoi is highly recommended to stop at while having your Vietnamese tour.



If you are asking about one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hanoi, Hanoi Old Quarter absolutely should be taken into account; you can not leave it behind! The quarter is the center area of the city where you can find anything you wish to have. Hotels, eating options, shopping options and many more are obtainable in Hanoi Old Quarter. That is why; Hanoi Old Quarter is a must to visit during your culinary tour in Hanoi.



If you haven’t tried street food tour in any other city, you have to give it a try in Hanoi. The amazing Hanoi Old Quarter is a perfect starting point where you can grab some delicious street food. Simply delicious; there are plenty of Vietnamese food you have to taste in street food vendors around the Old Quarter.



Though you are not having your meal at restaurants, it would be still nice to take a look at some street food stalls selling various tasty Vietnamese foods. The taste will be definitely as good as the ones you have at restaurants.



During your Hanoi Old Quarter culinary tour, there are some recommended foods you have to taste. Bun Ca is one of delicious Vietnamese foods you should try. In Hanoi Old Quarter, there are some vendors selling Bun Ca. Bun Ca is a fish noodle soup that has tomatoes and lots of herbs on it. The taste is a bit sour yet delectable.  Besides Bun Ca, there is also Bun Cha. It’s also noodles just like Bun Ca, but it’s usually served with pork and lettuce in separated bowls. Both Bun Ca and Bun Cha are worth trying.



Another mouth-watering Vietnamese food you have to try in street food stalls Hanoi Old Quarter is Kebabs. There, you will find lots of stalls selling Kebabs and there will also be some people lining up to grab the Kebabs. If you are looking for snack or just a small food to bite, give it a try to Banana fritters. This fried snack can be found around the area and is just right to be your company walking around the quarter. So, why don’t you try Hanoi culinary tour? Yum yummy!

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