Greece Travel Destinations In Athens

Athens is one of the cities in the State of Greece (Greece) which is located in the southeastern part of the continent of Europe. In the winter, Athena has a temperature approximately equal to the cold regions in Indonesia around 12oC – 19oC. Athens is a city that is very thick with history and is recognized as goddess major cities in Greece, the goddess of industry, the arts and Greece travel.

There are many interesting places to visit in Athens, especially if we knew a lot about the history of Greek mythology. Many of Historical Places are artistic and interesting to watch. We can reach tourist attractions within walking distance, although in the end of the foot will feel more bloated than the previous alias. Because public transportation here looks do not safety enough to be boarded. If you would like to travel a lot, I prefer to use taxis rather than buses or the subway. Here some of the Greece travel destinations in Athens:

  • Athens Olympic Stadium was the first stadium used in the sports arena or commonly called the Olympics. Sporting event was attended by all countries in the world.
  • Parthenon is a temple built for the Greek goddess Athena, patron of Athens in the 5th century BC. Parthenon is considered as a symbol of Ancient Greece and of Athenian democracy. When I came here, this place is being repaired. Perhaps because of the age of the rock is hundreds of years old, so a lot of crushed stone.
  • Plaka is one of the Greece travel destinations. It is a pedestrian area filled with local color that is very attractive. Almost in every footstep, street corners, bends, we find many surprises. There is an old church, neo-classical style buildings, ancient ruins, etc. In the Plaka, we can see a lot of Athena souvenirs are sold at quite cheap rates compared to other places such as the Parthenon replica, key chains, and odd smelling soap typical Athena and others. Around here, too, we can find a lot of fruit trees like oranges but taste very sour. The Fruit accidentally mated with a kind of lemon fruit that tastes sour and used as ornamental trees on the edge of a city park.

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