Four Dos and One Don’t at Rockefeller Center

Welcome to the awesome Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan that becoming an iconic New York City landmark! It is a bunch of fascinating buildings that will make you drool to do a lot of things there. If you are experiencing your first time visit, you better check out these some suggested things that you are to do in this undoubtedly beautiful place of New York City:



First, it is a must to try sliding and twirling in a well-known ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. Come across the ice skating rink while holding hands with your loved one is such a romantic thing to do, if not, just making the unforgettable memories there with your family or friends will be a good thing to do.



Second, you will not waste your time to have a look at the shopping plaza overflowing with stores, restaurants and bars. If you are a shopaholic, then it is the exact place you have to be in. Rockefeller Center offers a number of options for shopping and dining. The stores that selling almost everything you need will attract your attention with the numerous things to choose. If you are looking for holiday gift, then the stores help you a lot with valuable goods to buy that will be satisfying as a gift. Not only offering brilliant shopping options, this place also offers impressive restaurants and bars. The restaurants offer meal varying from the expensive ones to the just grab to eat ones. One thing you left to do is simply choose what you want to bite!



The next one you can’t let it pass by is enjoying the spectacular view of New York City from the Top of the Rock! The famed Top of the Rock observation deck is one of plentiful attractive sites you have to visit. There’s no other place where you can see the breathtaking sight. Just remember to bring your camera because it’s a great chance for you to take many beautiful pictures!



December is soon! It’s such an excellent choice to spend your Christmas holiday at Rockefeller Center. There will be a fabulous Christmas Tree taking place there. It’s a symbol of holiday that has been placed every year in Rockefeller Center in late November or early December. Taking picture in front of this lively Christmas tree can be a sweet memory on December.



Above are lists to do in the amazing one and only Rockefeller Center in New York City. Furthermore, one don’t that you have to know is don’t ever let any single minute rolls by without enjoyments. You will regret it if you break that rule!.

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