Five of the safest countries in the world

We have shared ideas for many adventurous places in the world, some of which are even a bit dangerous. However, today we decided to talk about tourist destinations that are safe. Places where you won’t be worried all the time that you will get robbed or even kidnapped. These places are not safe only because of their strict laws and organized security systems, but becaus ethe teh local people’s good education and manners. So if you would like to visit a country where you can feel calm and relax, here are our 5 suggestions:


It is considered to be one of the countries with highest literacy of its citizens- almost 100%. Low unemployment rate and high education here lead to decreasing of crime rates.



Although Iceland has very harsh, but still quite amazing and beautiful, nature, it is called the Land of Fire and Ice, it has very friendly and peaceful population. This gives it a place in our list of safest countries in the world.




Another Scandinavian country is included in our list. Denmark  is notorious with its violent past, but due to the strong politics of the government, nowadays it is a country where citizens live very peacefully and tourists can enjoy a safe holiday, too.




This Pacific island country, located between Australia and Hawaii is not very famous. Its old name was Ellice Island, a former Britain colony and nowadays is the fourth smallest country- only about 10 000 people. Locals have very high literacy. Being one of the few countries free of crimes and terrorism, makes it a desired travel destination.



New Zealand

New Zealand offers a variety of adventures and thrilling experiences. We are not sure, whether it is because the country lies at the end of the world, or because it has stable politics, the country can brag that it has one percent crime rate. This makes it one of the safest countries in the world!



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