Fairy-tale places in Italy

Italy seems like a fairy-tale place once you look at the magical gardens or dreamy castles that will offer you a whole new different reality much better than the consumer-led world that, unfortunately, we have created for ourselves and our children in the past few decades. The Tuscan landspaces of Italy are yet another proof how mesmerizing natural beauty could be. Your holiday would be pretty unforgettable if you choose some of the amazing places in Italy that are not so well-known to the usual tourist; thus this list will help you to get acquainted with exactly those mesmerizing and surreal spots in Italy that each and every one of us should visit at least once in their lifetime.

1.Bosco Monumentale del Sasseto, Lazio

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The Bosco monument stands in the middle of the amazing Italian forest near Lazio like some beautiful medieval  castle situated in the heart of the greeneries all around.

  1. Calcata, Viterbo, Lazio


Calcata looks like a castle like village that has landed on a solitary rock right in the middle of a thousand-year-old forests that preserve the unique nature of the brick-and-stone crafted buildings for centuries on end.

  1. Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo


For every climber-enthusiast the mountains of Italy seem like the perfect attraction as they are full of hundreds of small fresh-water lakes, mountain ranges of various heights and snow-topped summits that make the heart go pounding faster than ever at the sight of immense natural beauty.

4.Cascate del Varone, Trentino Alto Adige


When talking of unique nature sights one cannot miss the remarkable waterfall in the Italian forests near Trentino Alto Adige called Cascate del Varone. It’s not some enormous waterfall but rather several playful springs that sing in perfect unison together the sweetest music of nature that caresses everyone’s ear..


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