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A Cruise Tour in Mediterranean cruise or Northern Europe combines an extension of shore excursions, offering a better approach to several of the world’s most well-known cities. Your European Cruises Tour will take you to see what lovely Mediterranean Scandinavia or the beautiful land with a tour by train or bus, including hotel stays accessible to the best attractions and places of interest. London, Venice, Madrid, Florence, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris and Rome are just some of the options of overnight stay on a Cruise Tour in Europe.

Northern European cruises region extends from the British Isles and Scandinavia to St Petersburg, Russia. This yacht is also known as the Baltic and Scandinavia Cruises. Historical and cultural sites are amazing waiting passengers; usually visit museums, castles and palaces, and cathedrals.

Cruise season short because of the cold weather and lack of boats sailing in the area. Average price per day than in most areas of the world, but often we can get very good discounts for our customers in Northern European cruises.

Season cruises to Northern Europe is from April to December.

Cruises to Northern Europe, known as the Baltic cruises and cruises to Scandinavia, usually from 7-14 nights.

Some focus on cruise travel entirely in the British Isles and Norwegian Fjords.

In contrast to the Caribbean and Mexico will find purchases of goods in the shops in Northern Europe can be expensive. Hand knit sweaters; fine crystal, antiques, silverware and porcelain are among the items that passengers look for these ports.

In Northern European cruises you will experience many hours during the day.

Because in most cases it is necessary to fly from distance to reach the port of shipment, we suggest you arrive at the port city of one or two days before your cruise. So you have time to rest and get oriented before boarding. Most cruise lines offer pre-cruise hotel package.

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