Euro Disney Holidays Christmas 2012

Euro Disney Holidays Christmas 2012. Christmas holiday is such a perfect time to get going together with either your friends or your family. Having such a great Christmas holiday will definitely be such a nice memory to keep. Going to an enjoyable spot is one of recommended doings to do. EuroDisney is one of a kind, a site where you can bring all your imagination to reality. Here are some details to help you make sure to pay a visit there.


There are numerous features offered in this lovely theme park. Located close to Paris city, EuroDisney is such a fun and full of enjoyment site to go. Whether you drive your own car or travelling by plane, don’t worry a lot because it’s very easy to get there due to its ideal location. Divided into two theme parks; Dineyland Park Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park, EuroDisney houses various rides which are worth trying, indeed.


Come and play together with the Disney characters in Playhouse Disney will be such a nice thing to start your holiday. Are you courageous enough to experience thrilling rides? If so, simply come to magical islands inside Disneyland Park where you can find a number of breathtaking rides there, such as Space Mountains and family corners as well as the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups.


Step outside those main two parks, you will find another splendid spot; the Disney Village. Shopping, dining, cinemas, and even live performances are available for you to make your holiday more enjoyable. Would like to taste delicious meal with your beloved ones? There are 4 bars and 10 themed restaurants for you supplying various kinds of cuisine which will definitely give you a wonderful dining.


Not only restaurants are available for you, but also cinemas and live entertainment are accessible in Disney Village. You will be happy to have a chance to watch the latest films in its Gaumont Multiplex which provided 15 screens and an IMAX theatre. Another feature offered is live entertainment. You can have a great holiday while enjoying live music show, concerts, and even street artist and games in Disney Village. Just be ready to be extremely exited!


It’s not perfect to stop at EuroDisney without paying a visit to see its shows and parades. Enter its kingdom of shows and parades that will undoubtedly make your eyes wide open. There are various shows and parades displayed such as Disney’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Train, Main Street U.S.A Celebrates, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and much more. Come and grab the happiness!.

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