Crescent Lake- an amazing oasis in the Gobi Desert

Crescent Lake

This miracle-like oasis is compared with a pretty woman’s lips or a slice of cantaloupe, actually the Crescent lake resembles a fallen down into the dessert crescent. During the Qing Dynasty, the lake was named Yueyaquan. It is located about 6 km south of Dunhuang, Gansu Province in Gobi desert, China. The Crescent lake is known to exist for more than 2 000 years and is in the UNESCO heritage list.

The lake has crystal clear water, which visitors say to be like a emerald jewel in the sand. It attracts a significant number of tourists. First thing you have to do, when visiting this marvelous oasis is to climb to the top of the dunes- the view is breath taking. There is a pagoda that is worth seeing and an orginised tour along the ancient Silk route. Looking for something more adventurous? You can try camel riding, “dune surfing” sand sliding or 4 x 4 rides. Finally, don’t forget to check out the street lined with souvenir stalls.


Crescent Lake Crescent-Lake1-1024x576 Crescent-Lake-desert pagodaCrescent-Lake-in-winter


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