Crazy sights in Tokyo, Japan

Japan is CRAZY and nowhere more so than its capital city Tokyo. From the wonderful to the downright weird, there is always something new to see in this insane city which makes it one of our must visit before you die destinations. Here’s our guide to some of the best sights in Tokyo you will spot.

Cat Café

In such an over populated city, space is at a premium meaning apartments are small and expensive. As a result, not many people have their own pets, so, some geniuses came up with the idea for cat cafés. For a small fee, visitors can play with adorable cats whilst enjoying some tea and cake. The café is so popular in japan that it has seen similar creations spring up around the world, including London.

cat cafe tokyo

Animal Cafes in general

Yes, not satisfied with cat cafes alone, you can also visit owl cafes and rabbit cafes (not in the same place for obvious reasons!). Get up close and personal with owls and bunnies and stroke them to your hearts content, all for an hourly fee of course.


Robot cabaret

Where else could you be treated to a laser show and dancing robots? Nowhere, because it’s completely insane, except in Tokyo of course! Spoiler alert – they’re not actually robots, rather humans in costumes, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Head down to Tokyo’s red light district to catch the show of a life time (maybe.)

sights in Tokyo

Maid cafes

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the people of Tokyo (Tokyoans? Tokyites?) love a café and if you thought ones filled with animals weren’t strange enough, maybe this trend will push you over the edge. Bringing you smiley cupcakes and teddy-shaped ice cream sundaes are girls in maid outfits. SO strange! Different cafes offer different services such as your own personal maid and souvenir photos and in one you have to meow to get your maid’s attention!

maid cafe japan

Pachinko gambling parlours

Gambling parlours are very popular in Tokyo and are literally everywhere. If you don’t spot one, you’ll definitely hear one as the noise from the hundreds of machines is deafening. If you don’t want to gamble away your yen, they are still definitely worth checking out and soaking up the manic atmosphere.

gambling parlour

Crossing at Shibuya Station

I know what your thinking – a road crossing is a must see crazy sight in Tokyo? Yes, yes it is. That is because, the second the lights go green in this boutique shopping district, all hell breaks loose as an army of people rush to cross the road. Trust us, this is something you’ve got to see.


Cosplay in Harajuku

The girls of Harajuku are world famous – Gwen Stefani even wrote a song about them – and the reason for this is the insane costumes they love to dress up in. Hours are spent creating the perfect look and the girls are more than happy to pose for pictures as it means their costumes are a success. Head down on a Sunday afternoon and check them out.

Harajuku girls, japan

Stay in a Capsule hotel

Like we said, space is precious in Tokyo and that applies to hotels too. The hotel industry has come up with a genius solution though – capsule rooms. With some having  barely enough to turn over, let alone sit up, these are little pods that you crawl into and pass out in. If you want something a little more luxurious though, some do come with tvs and sitting up space.


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