Contemporary hotel on abandoned tracks

Nearly in every city or town around the world there are some old abandoned train tracks that could be recycled or rather repurposed and turn into some stable base for a truly outstanding project. Besides it would be necessary for the project owner to make any unnecessary investments regarding the base as it already exists and nobody uses it. Thus one Swedish architect – Jagnefalt Milton working for Åndalsnes in Norway – rummaged through such abandoned industrial quarters and found the perfect spot for the realization of his grand project.
So let’s get deeper into the details of this so astounding a project – what it is is actually a beautiful modern hotel, which not only is meant to become an attractive spot for people of all ages and walks of life but the architect envisions that when all the building works are finished the old industrial part would turn into a superb location for business meetings, for romantic holidays or for families spending some relaxing time there.
What’s more, this quite modern and innovative hotel places the separate rooms directly on the tracks so that to be in close connection with the surrounding area, which will be, of course, revived, and the nature nearby as well. Besides, it would be great, before you reach your room to just walk through the natural settings and experience its splendor instead of just taking up the stairs or the elevator in the ordinary hotels, where you are surrounded by concrete and glass mainly. The very structure of this modern minimalistic hotel is practically kinetic hence it can taking the guests into the heart of Norway’s famous fjords – unlike any other, this extraordinary hotel offers flexibility of view, instead of watching one at the same sights from the windows of the common hotels; no matter how luxurious they are and how many stars they have they can never provide you with this option. Additionally, the hotels concept can be adjusted to match seasons and particular events or the needs and preferences of different guest groups. Of course, like every decent hotel there is supposed to be a swimming pool and a concert hall.
So you have nothing to lose when choosing this extraordinary hotel on train tracks, you can only experience the time of your life.


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