Christmas in Switzerland

Switzerland is a contrasting country home to the mighty Alps and small villages with tiny churches that have no place to present some manger scenes for Christmas. However, they have enough place to gather all the Christmas wintry-wonderland spirit. That is why it is truly worth it to spend your yuletide season in a small Swiss village huddled below snow-capped mountains.

 Christmas in Switzerland

You could hire a wonderful house for, say, a couple of days and spend your time chopping wood for keeping the fire burning and the nice chat around the fireplace going. Christmas would be marvelous in the warmth of the place especially if you are dressed with some hand-knit cardigan and woolen socks.

Just before Christmas Eve you could hike in the forest and play with the fluffy snow. Then when you take a hot shower and some nice cocoa drink your whole family could prepare the festive dinner table. Among all culinary delicacies, you could put fondue, which is some traditional Swiss meal served with white wine and the custom of kissing the person on your left after dipping a piece of bread into the fondue pot. Why not add some live accordion music?! Then it’s really time to enjoy your Christmas in Switzerland..

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