Captivating Christmas in Paris

Captivating Christmas in Paris. In spending Christmas holiday, everyone must have a willing to make unforgettable sweet memories with the loved ones or the family. One of the agreeable ways to make it comes true is by planning on going on vacation. Making a decision where to go and what to do there is one of essential issue that will determine your enjoyment during Christmas holiday.

Christmas in Paris

Paris! This is one of the most beautiful cities ever that will make everyone captivated by its charming attractions. Spending your Christmas holiday in this beautiful city will make you want to expand your holiday time, definitely! So, what are the qualities that it has to make you fall in love with Paris deeply? Check the lists below to guide you spending precious Christmas holiday in Paris.

Christmas in Paris

Is it Paris without Eiffel Tower? It’s not! Yap, the first destination where you can spend your Christmas holiday in Paris is Eiffel Tower. Even simply visiting this delightful Eiffel Tower is a good idea to get a real taste of Paris. If you want to have an out of the ordinary dinner at your Christmas holiday in Paris, give it a try on having dinner on board a Seine River dinner cruise. After that, you can make it even a more beautiful night by watching Paris Moulin Rouge Show in bohemian Montmartre.

Christmas in Paris

What a wonderful night you can get! Three satisfactions at once; Eiffel Tower, Seine River cruise, and Paris Moulin Rouge Show.

Christmas in Paris

It’s time for window-shopping! Everywhere and anytime, without exception, shopping is always becoming a nice thing to do. Paris also offers a lot of shopping options which will make your eyes wide open to simply take a glance at the Christmas markets. There are many things that you can find for sale in Paris’ Christmas markets. Even for you who aren’t very keen on shopping, simply take a look and take a walk in many department stores will be such a fine thing to do. You will be excited to set your eyes on many unique and fabulous decorations of the stores. It’s absolutely an experience you shouldn’t miss!


What’s next you can do in Paris is facing a wonderful holiday lights! It’s one of the most recommended things to do while you’re going to Paris especially on December. There are several places you can visit to feel the enjoyment of Paris holiday lights. Several places where you can go to are along the aforementioned Champs-Elysées and at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Don’t be worry if you are willing to do something else.


There are numerous options remain to spend your Christmas holiday in Paris. One of the options is coming into contact with ice skating rinks set up around the city. It’s such a Christmas tradition for Parisian to go spinning on the rinks. Furthermore, it won’t cost you any single penny to skating there except you need to rent the ice skates. What a must to taste!.

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