Bridges in Amsterdam Holland

Bridges in Amsterdam Holland. Amsterdam! What comes first on your mind hearing that word? Tulips? Football? Or maybe bridges? Yap! This wonderful city is definitely famous for its thousands bridges. Housing hundreds of canals, some areas there are connected by thousand bridges. It’s just like the “City of Bridges”. If you are keen on getting closer to this wonderful Amsterdam city, check the rolls below regarding some well known bridges all over the city.


De Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge)

Bridges in Amsterdam Holland

Skinny Bridge is just one among many popular bridges in the city of Amsterdam. It’s a bridge that crosses over the Amstel River. Rumor has it that the name “Skinny” refers to the fact that it was once so thin so that even two walkers couldn’t pass each other. Yet, in 1871, the original width was rebuilt into a wider bridge. Though it’s no longer skinny, but it’s still Skinny Bridge, indeed. Walking through this bridge on the evening will be such a great moment for you. There reason behind it is because the bridge is enhanced with thousands light bulbs which are turned on in the evening. It must be very beautiful, mustn’t it?


Blauwbrug Bridge

Bridges in Amsterdam Holland

Having a good time vacationing in Amsterdam? Then it’s a must to at least once pay a visit to this wonderful Blauwbrug Bridge. Actually, the name “Blauwbrug Bridge” is given because there was a wooden blue bridge which was there before, though it no longer exists, but the name remains until now. This wonderful bridge is one of various amazing bridges in Amsterdam which has three openings for ships which are splendidly ornamented. Well, such a luxury bridge, right?


The Torensluis Bridge


Completed in 1648, The Torensluis Bridge is the oldest bridge as well as the widest bridge in Amsterdam; it’s around about 39 meters across. Under the bridge, you still are able to see the banned windows of a former prison. The name “Torensluis” means tower lock which refers to the tower which once stood there until 1829. Yet, recently, this stunning bridge is a home to a model sculpture of Multatuli, the author of “Max Havelaar”.


Pythonbrug (Python Bridge)


Welcome to one of the most modern style bridges all over Amsterdam; Python Bridge. Having such a unique structure that makes it looks different but amazing instead. Placed in the Eastern Harbor, this outstanding red bridge links Sporenburg to Borneo Island. If you are paying a visit to Amsterdam, make sure you enjoy walking through this impressive bridge ever!.

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