Brazilian tourist attractions

Brazil is a large and diverse country offering some of the most exotic white-sand beaches, peaceful islands or party locations. Check our list of Brazilian tourist attractions.

The Amazon region

Brazilian tourist attractions
Amazon River

This area of the country that covers up 45% of the territory is mainly taken up by the Amazon River and the rainforests girdling it. The river, its tributaries and the inland abound in fish, pink dolphins, insects, monkey, birds and a huge variety of mammals. Additionally, there are parts of the Amazon that are quite easily accessible thus ecotourism is thriving in the region; new kinds of sightseeing in the rainforests include travelling with small planes and helicopters that allow taking pictures of the roof tops and the birds and tree species that could be seen.

Brazilian tourist attractions

Think of starting your trip into the rainforest from Manaus that is the capital of the Amazon region and a place where Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes meet to form the huge Amazon River. Another gateway to the area is the city of Belem that delights with its colonial buildings, rich history interwoven with modern lifestyle.

Southeast Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

This part of the country is probably the most visited and famous as the Rio de Janeiro state is situated in its boundaries. The city of Rio de Janeiro is a thriving tourist place due to its carnival, beaches and fabulous nightlife. Christ the Redeemer on the Corcovado Mountain greets all visitors to the country as it is seen far from the air. The oh-so-popular Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are settings of numerous films, songs and tourists’ dreams.

South Brazil

Ilha do MelFoto: Jorge Eder
Ilha do Mel Island

This region is small but nevertheless famous with the Ilha do Mel Island that hosts an 18th-century fort and a 19th-century lighthouse. There are a lot of natural lagoons, caves and waterfalls perfect for romantic walks in the setting sun.

Central-West Brazil


This part of the country is home to the Pantanal wetlands, which consist of swamps, savannas, rivers and forests home to plenty of species ranging from birds, caiman crocodiles and piranhas to monkeys, anacondas and jaguars..

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