Best sights in the USA for 2015

The USA is a vast territory full of amazingly beautiful sights that are worth exploring and boasting about in front of your friends. It’s crystal clear that it’s rather hard to pick out a definite destination to visit when you’ve got so vast a choice thus the following list tries to emphasise on the best sights in the USA for 2015 that simply can’t be missed if you are travelling overseas.
Moreover, the following list represents America’s top tourist destinations as well as natural beauty spots and cultural sights of notice that could simply blow your mind away. Hence, let’s get it started!

Mount Shasta Region, California

beautiful sights USA
The superior Mount Shasta is somehow tucked away in California’s northern end. Being a potentially active volcano ( but don’t worry the important word here is ‘potentially’- very unlikely to get activated any time soon), it’s a notable places that is worth your visit since it also lies among Native American tribal lands, which makes it a place of deep spiritual importance.
Be aware that climbing this 14,179- feet giant is mainly done in summer when there are more favourable conditions. If you’re not much a climber, though, you can still experience the challenge of this amazing sight by exploring Mount Shasta city, which lies at the base of the volcano.
Duluth, Minnesota

beautiful sights USA
Some other amazing American outdoor destination is Duluth, which is situated right on the shore of the famous Lake Superior on one side and the snow-capped mountains on the other.  Of course, all this natural beauty cannot do differently but evoke the warmest of feelings every time the name Duluh is mentioned and then no wonder that 150 Olympic athletes call Duluth their hometown.
Oakland, California

Oakland is pretty close to San Francisco (of course, ‘close’ to American standards, and still) people, who want to experience the oh-so-famous challenging way of life in San Francisco choose Oakland as their home-to-be since the prices of buying a property there are much more affordable than in the huge San Francisco.  The whole bay area keeps some hipster vibe that most people just adore hence come to visit Oakland and move house there when they see how fast the city flourishes and how innovative it is becoming due to the modern soul food it provides to natives and visitors..

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