Amazing cave in New Zealand

This New Zealand cave looks as if a cluster of stars have been trapped inside; still this is not the case at all; the effect is created by Glow worms. The Arachnocampa luminosa is a special glowworm species, which could be found only in New Zealand. These amazing creatures release a kind of long silk threads in their larva stage; the mucus, which is attached to the strands serves the purpose of entrapping the prey they feed on; however, except this practical reason there is another merely aesthetic one – their bioluminescent glow is unlike any other and lightens up the whole of the caves the insects live in turning the underground space into a breath-taking starry night sky, which attracts millions of visitors every year.
The Waitomo Glowworm caves are sensationally beautiful natural formations that are full of natural wonders ranging from the glowing insects to the fabulous limestone formations – all these and much more make each and every guided tour deep inside the cave some unforgettable starry experience.

Source: | Spellbound (via modernmet).

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