Al Khaleej Palace Hotel Dubai

Al Khaleej Palace Hotel Dubai. It has been widely agreed that Dubai is becoming one of the high quality cities to be visited. Located in the heart of Dubai city, Al Khaleej Palace Hotel becomes one of the most recommended hotels to stay at in Dubai City. Check out the lists of wonderful features of Al Khaleej Palace Hotel to ensure you about its well-known comfortable atmosphere.


The general features of a hotel such as room service, restaurants, bars, satellite television, non-smoking rooms, coffee shops, and many more are accessible in the Al Khaleej Palace Hotel. Surrounded by many famous restaurants and cafes turn this hotel into a very comfortable place to stay. Furthermore, this hotel is also well-known for its ability to provide guests the largest rooms in the city. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


For you who come to Dubai as one of your business trips, Al Khaleej Palace Hotel will help you a lot with providing great services. Business Center, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and even Photocopier are available to help you take care of your business. Additionally, this hotel is also known for offering the largest Business Center and Lounge. Beside that, there are still many services offered to you instead of those that have been mentioned before. Some other services provided are laundry service, security guard, 24 hour reception, babysitting services, housekeeping, and also wake-up call service. So, don’t worry if you need an extra alarm to wake you up.


Staying at a hotel without having interesting activities will be such a boring thing to have. Well, you will never experience that nasty time if you are settling down in Al Khaleej Palace Hotel. The reason is, of course, because there are many fun activities offered to you in this hotel. If you are keen on doing some sports like swimming, playing golf, or doing gym, these are available for you; indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym room, fitness facilities, and also golf course. Keep being healthy and fresh by doing some sports using the facilities offered here will make your stay homey.


The facilities provided by the Al Khaleej Palace Hotel are not only items related to sports, but there are still many other impressive attractions. Sauna, Beauty Salon, and also nightclubs are obtainable to bring happiness and enjoyment in your holiday. Hence, staying at Al Khaleej Palace Hotel Dubai is definitely a right choice for your holiday. Now, one thing you left to do is just enjoy the show!.

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