Adventure ideas- best places to swim with sharks

Sharks are scary, but it seems that people are some kind of fascinated by them. Nowadays you can experience the ultimate adventure- swim with sharks. Why people would do it? Maybe, it is because of the thrill to be so close to this deadly animal, or maybe because sharks are very strong and beautiful. No matter what your reason is, here are 10 of the best places in the world where you can swim with sharks.


1. Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

swim with sharks

Ningaloo Reef is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. You can find more than 200 hundred types of coral and 500 fish species in the coral reef. As for the sharks, they are here between  middle of March and July.

swim with sharks


2. The Cove: La Jolla, California 


The most photographed beach of San Diego, because of its numerous caves and coves, La Jolla Cove is the home of angel sharks, leopard sharks and tope sharks. If you dive 10 miles offshore you can dive with mako and blue sharks.



3. Cat Island, Bahamas


If you go to Cat Island you will have the chance to dive in waters with very diverse marine life. Here also live oceanic whitetip sharks, which are very peaceful and curious.



4. Beqa Lagoon, Fiji


Beqa Lagoon is one of the largest barrier reefs and the home of bull sharks, hammerheads and large tigers. Bull sharks are believed to be very aggressive and dangerous, but at Beqa Lagoon, you can see locals hand-feed them.



5. Tiputa Pass: Rangiroa, French Polynesia



Tiputa Pass joins the Rangiroa lagoon and the water is moving in and out twice a day, creating an underwater river. This leads to lots of fish. Small species attract bigger ones, such as the silvertips sharks.



6. Guadalupe, Mexico


The island of Guadalupe has quite calm waters, which attract many visitors to experience cage diving, while great white sharks swim around. This is the ultimate thrill as there is very good visibility- a great white shark could be seen approaching from about 50 feet!



7. Isla Mujeres, Mexico


If you go to Isla Mujeres, you will have the chance to see the biggest shark in the ocean- the whale shark! It can get 25 feet long and has a mouth with 300 rows of teeth and 5 feet wide! The whale shark is friendly to humans and some say that it is even playful. Amazing, isn’t it?!




8. Tiger Beach, Bahamas


Tiger beach got its name due to its inhabitants- tiger sharks. Even though, they are famous for being man-eaters and very dangerous, the place has become a major dive spot.


9. Cocos Island, Costa Rica


It is not easy at all to reach the largest uninhabited island, but it is totally worthy. It has very diverse marine life- dolphins, Orcas, whale sharks, moray rays. Anyway, the major attraction are the Scalloped hammerheads.


10. Gansbaai and False Bay, South Africa


Just 30 minutes ride from Cape Town you get into heavens place called Gansbaai and False Bay. Its water are the home for monster great whites. Bold divers not only can explore the underwater caves, but also see the sharks go airborne!


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