5 Reasons To Travel Solo

It can be a very daunting idea to embark on your next travel adventure by yourself. Trust me, I get it. As someone who is soon to be travelling to Australia by myself for a year, I am freaking out, but here’s why travelling solo is not only a good idea, but one of the best decisions you can make for yourself.


It makes planning so much easier

No more fighting over where and what you do and see and which restaurants you’ll be eating at. You have complete control over your travel itinerary. We all have travel bucket lists but of course not everyone has the same things they are dying to tick off. Taking a solo trip gives you the chance to fulfill your wildest travel dreams and if you want to go to that super weird, tacky looking restaurant then go ahead! No one else will be able to judge you!

Quality “me time”

Sounds like such a cliche I know, but solo travel is the perfect opportunity to get to know yourself better – your strengths and your weaknesses, likes and dislikes – and recharge your batteries in a beautiful location! Whilst it may be a bit boring at first with only yourself for company, you’ll soon learn to love and value the time you get to spend by yourself.

Make new friends

That’s only if you want to of course! Naturally one of the biggest fears about solo travel is that of being alone. It is so much easier than you think to meet people though, you just have to be open to it. If you’re staying in hostels, you’re likely to find loads of people travelling solo just like you, so strike up a conversation – you never know, they could be interested in seeing some of things you’re planning on doing and could become a temporary travel companion!

cuzco peru

Staying on budget is much easier

Money always seems to cause fights when you travel with friends. Some don’t have as much as others or don’t see the point in spending it on a bus ticket when it’s only a 2 mile walk up hill in 30 degree heat… Travelling solo means its so much easier to plan and stick to a budget. If you want to go on a luxurious wine tour of south Australia for example, you’ll be more willing to spend the night in a hostel rather than a luxurious hotel

It’ll boost your confidence 

You know what they say, if you want to get over your fears, you have to face them head on. Conquering the world on your own will do wonders for your self esteem and at the end of it you’ll feel able to achieve anything. No English menu at the Bangkok restaurant? No problem. Trains cancelled due to a strike? You got this. When you do return to the real world, the problems that seemed so daunting before you left will no feel tiny in comparison to what you have already overcome.

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