5 Hotels near Giethoorn

Hotels near Giethoorn. Spending your holiday in Giethoorn, Netherlands and still looking for a nice hotel to stay? Check these hotels below to help you decide where to stay while having a great time in the charming Giethoorn.


Hotel de Pergola


Want to spend your holiday staying at peaceful area and have a plus from the hotel’s boat rental service? Then, your definite choice will be Hotel de Pergola. Each guestroom in this comfy hotel is fully equipped by all the amenities you need, included breakfast every morning. Furthermore, it also offers non smoking rooms, daily newspaper, television, bathtub, and et cetera. The Hotel de Pergola is suitable for either business or leisure guests to Giethoorn. You can have a good time staying in Hotel de Pergola which provides you with simplicity yet elegant ornamentation.


Huis Ten Wolde Hotel


Having 41 rooms, Huis Ten Wolde Hotel becomes one of the most recommended hotels to stay if you’re having a vacation in Giethoorn. Located in a central area, this luxury hotel provides you with almost the things you need for your staying. The facilities offered are restaurant, room service, bar, laundry service, free parking, fully non-smoking room, and also 24 hours front desk. Moreover, you can also get pleasure from spending your time in its sauna or its beautiful garden.


De Kruumte


Being the closest hotel to Giethoorn, De Kruumte Hotel can be one of the recommended hotels to stay nearby. Offering some features like boats rental service, bicycles rental service, comfortable housing with breathtaking sights of the area and an onsite restaurant, De Kruumte Hotel provides you to experience a comfy staying. Each room in this hotel has a simple but beautiful decoration with some facilities such as cable TV and a private bathroom. Furthermore, it also has a comfy seating area with free Wi-Fi where you can spend your time chatting with your friends or family while taking a pleasure from the amazing views of the lake.


Kaatjes Residence


Located in the city of Blokzijl, Kaatjes Residence is such a small comfortable hotel which is suitable for you who want to spend your time in Giethoorn enjoying great sceneries. This hotel offers some facilities like restaurant, room, service, television, non-smoking rooms, business center, laundry service, and also a bar. You will have a great time staying at this hotel which has a nice garden and offers high speed internet.


The De Dames Van De Jonge Hotel Restaurant Hotel


The De Dames Van De Jonge Hotel Restaurant Hotel is one of the hotels near Giethoorn which offers guests various features such as a restaurant, a nice garden, and non-smoking rooms. Each room in this hotel has such a unique classic atmosphere with a private bathroom plus a hairdryer. Located near the Weerribben Wieden National Park, this hotel also provides you a boat rental if you want to go exploring the lake area of the wonderful Giethoorn..


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