15 of the world’s clearest waters

Winter is at its end and we start dreaming of summer holidays and places where there is no cold and snow.What is first thing that you imagine when we say summer holiday? For most of you that is a paradise beach with golden sands and cool sea waters! There is nothing so refreshing like dipping your body into crystal waters. No matter if it will be to swim or just relax by the water, being around it gives non-comparable pleasure and joy!

In this article we will show you some of the most amazing places around the world! What is so special about them? Have a look at 15 of the clearest waters in the world! Some of them are very popular. We all have heard about the romantic beaches of the Maldives, Bodrum in Turkey, where the waters are so clear that boats in it look as if they are suspended in the air or the jewels of the Mediterranean- the island of Sardinia, Italy. Others are not so popular. That’s why we bring your attention to them, because such paradise places have to be explored and seen!
Have you heard of the heaven for kite-board lovers, Isla Holbox, Mexico or the beautiful islands of Cayos Cochinos in Honduras, which are connected by hiking trails and the waters of which have an amazing marine life. New Zealand and Australia have a lot to offer, too. The waters of Pupu Springs are one of the clearest and create almost magical atmosphere, while at Winelgass Bay you can practice surfing, diving and many other activities.
There are also many lakes around the world with crystal clear waters. If you prefer lakes and rivers more than sea, then you should visit the deepest lake in the States, Crater Lake; Valle Verzasca River in Switzerland or Rio Azul in Argentina, also known as “blue river,” famous that its waters are so clean that you can drink them! 

Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines

world’s clearest waters


The Maldives

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Peyto Lake, Canada

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Crater Lake, Oregon

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Isla Holbox, Mexico

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Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

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Rio Azul, Argentina



Playa Blanca, Colombia



Bodrum, Turkey



Sardinia, Italy



Valle Verzasca, Switzerland



Pupu Springs, New Zealand



Wineglass Bay, Australia

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Belo Sur Mer, Madagascar



Marsa Matrouh, Egypt




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