12 healthy ideas for your travel

Here are some travel tips that will help you stay in good health and shape during your holiday!

1. Pack Meals and Snacks

Packing food from home is the best way to avoid greasy and unhealthy food during your travel. What is more it will save you some money! However, before taking any snacks and meals, especially fruits, vegetables and meat, check about the airport restrictions, as well as the restrictions of the country you are visiting.


Fruit and nuts

2. Dealing With Special Dietary Needs

Having food allergies, being gluten intolerant or keeping any kind of special diet, means that you will have to be able to explain your needs in restaurants. Our advice is to write your diet preferences on a list in the local language. Doing this will save you a lot of time and nerves trying to explain what you want.


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3. Be Hydrated

The most important aspect of health is to always stay hydrated. Drink enough water during your travel, always have a bottle of water with yourself. This is very important especially if you are going to some place hot and humid or if you are exercising.

travel tips

4.  Research the Local Food and Restaurants

Make a research of the local food and restaurants before you go on a vacation. Find local groceries which will provide you fresh vegetables and fruits. Choose places which offer healthy meals. Staying at a place with fridge will help you always have some fresh food.


5. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch

Being in another country means that you will explore the local cuisine and restaurants. However, it might not be a bad idea not to push your stomach too much eating a lot of exotic food. You can keep the balance by having fruits at least for breakfast and/or lunch.

Packed lunch

6. Enough sleep is important!

Being on a vacation you don’t want to waste time sleeping, but this can be quite tricky idea. Sleeping enough will improve your immune system and will help you recover from the adventures during the day. So, do not underestimate the good old 8 hours of sleep!
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7. Check out the local fitness

If you are practicing yoga, fitness or other activity you should continue with it when you are abroad. Even if this is not your thing, visiting the hotel’s fitness center is a chance to make new friends or if you go to the local one, you may feel the atmosphere of place. In both cases you will keep your body in good health and shape!


8. Workout!

No matter if it will be the fitness in your hotel, the pool or the nearby park, you can always make your own workouts! There is always some time for getting your sweat on!

Fitness Center

9. Pack some sports equipment

Even when you are on holiday, it is good to keep your routine. So, pack your vitamins and your gym wear. This way you will have no excuse to avoid your healthy regime. .

Gym Gear

10. Walk Every Day

You are not into sports? Then walks are what you need. This is an excellent healthy way to explore a new city. As much as you can avoid taxis, buses and other way of transportation.


11. Rent a Bike

Another way of exploring a new place is to rent a bike. It is very popular and fun nowadays and you can even meet some bike buddies! A great advantage of renting a bike is that it is much faster than walking and you can cover a big area with it.


12. Always have a dictionary

No matter if you are searching for a famous monument, needing help with directions or ordering food in a restaurant, having a dictionary will help you avoid a lot of confusing situations. So, do not forget to pack it!


Travel Dictionaries




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