10 exotic private islands

There are many private islands around the world. They are small and big, tropical or not, with big hotels or villas, but what all of them have in common? They are luxury, often visited by celebrities and they are the best place to relax and hide from the world!

Have a look at 10 of the most amazing private islands!

10. Medjumbe, Mozambique

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There may not be cell service here, but the private island has numerous pools, hammocks and dining rooms. Even more you can relax at the golden beach and watch whales!


Charles Island, Bahamas

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Priced at about $40 million, Charles Island covers an area of more than 55 acres. It has swimming pools, a luxury house and docks. There is a boat you can use to travel between the rest of the Bahamas and the island.

Cotton House, Mustique

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Nowadays the beautiful island is owned by the British royal family. They stay in some luxury mansions, while the other visitors, including many celebrities stay in a hotel.

Cayo Espanto, Belize

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Cayo Espanto is smaller than other islands- just 4 acres, but as beautiful as them. Its visitors are accommodated in seven villas, serviced by highly trained staff. The price is not that small- twelve hundred a night per person, but it is totally worthy.

 Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

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Many celebrities rent this place and there is a reason for that. The island has one of the clearest waters in the world, the sand is golden and there is even an underwater spa! What more would you need?!

Villa Corallina, Tahiti

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Tahiti has many islands, but Villa Corallina stands out! It has only one villa, so the place gives you the complete privacy! It is only you, the ocean and the beach with palm trees!

Mantaji, Fiji

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Mantaji is one of the most incredible islands among the three hundred islands in Fiji. The place is equipped with a tree house and a hot tub outside it. But what makes it special is that there is a volcano! Don’t worry- it is dormant!


 Sonora Resort, British Columbia

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This island is not tropical , but you will still have the time of your life here. The island offers a private gym, gourmet meals and numerous adventure activities. You can fly above with a helicopter, go rafting or fishing.

 North Island, Seychelles

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Our list wouldn’t be complete if it doesn’t include a Seychelles island. The island has reserved area for endangered animals. Besides adventures, the visitors are also offered luxury accommodation in one of the eleven villas, personal butler and a gorgeous beach!

Indigo Bay, Mozambique

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Indigo Bay is quite big and has 14 resorts. All the villas are made of such materials, so as to resemble with the nature around. However, they are well equipped and provide luxury and comfort as any other modern villa. There is a variety of wildlife- dolphins, whales and turtles in the ocean and crocodiles and antelopes at the island.

source: http://www.therichest.com.


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