10 Amazing Castles To Visit in 2017

Castles are not part of our modern world, but they remind us of the past, keep us connected with the history and bring some magic to our live. There is almost no country that hasn’t got any kind of castle. Nowadays most of the preserved castles are a touristic attraction, but years ago they served as residences, defense fortresses. Some are dark and rough, others luxury and elegant, but all of them are associated with power, some kind of magic atmosphere and legends of ancient times. Behind every castle, there is a story that inspires not only children but adults, too! So, after some searching, we gathered 10 amazing castles to visit in 2017. Check them out and choose your next destination!

1. Castle Howard, Yorkshire


Amazing Castles

2. Windsor Castle, London


Amazing Castles

3. Kilkenny Castle, Ireland


4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany


5. Château de Chambord, France


6. Mont Saint Michel, France


7. Prague Castle


8. The Swallow’s Nest, Ukraine


9. Potala Palace, Tibet


10. Matsumoto Castle, Japan






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